Ace Jack of Spades vs a Drunk Monkey

Ace Jack of Spades 

Good Karma Kid: [As][Js]  

Drunk Monkey [9c][7c]

Preflop, Drunk Monkey raises, I 3 bet from small blind, drunk monkey 4 bets, I call

Flop [Ah][Jc][8c]

Put 5 bets each in on the flop

Turn [Ac], giving me the stone cold nuts, Aces full of jacks, giving drunk monkey the flush

We put 10 bets each in on the turn ($600), drunk monkey finally stops

River [10c], I bet out drunk monkey calls, I expect to drag the huge pot my direction, drunk monkey turns over his hand to show me that he had a flush, and of course tables his hand so the dealer has no choice but to read it, Drunk Monkey makes gut shot straight flush on the river and doesn’t realize it  🙁

I went to the bathroom to puke, then decided to go home.  Normally, I would continue to play, but this was just the climax of about 3 hours of similar types of plays and bad beats and I was mentally frustrated to say the least.

Todays Lesson:  If you are frustrated, distracted, or shaken up mentally, consider going home or stop playing for the day. Poker requires 100% of your brainpower to process actions, reactions, and decisions.  There is always another game tomorrow.

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