Choosing A Digital SLR Camera

Canon Digital Rebel XTi 

One of the best camera review sites I’ve ever seen is Digital Photography Review . This site has some of the most detailed camera reviews available anywhere and their information is dead accurate and brutally honest.  Whenver I’m in the market for a new camera I always check out this site first.

Currently I am using a Canon Digital Rebel XTi, I really like it, it is a very good camera and takes great pictures. My only complaint is that occasionally when taking several pictures in a short period of time I overload the storage card and have to wait a couple extra seconds before taking a picture. Here is the review of the Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

I have my eye on a new camera, the Canon EOS 40D, simply because I am a technology geek and like to have the latest and the greatest equipment :), not because there is anything wrong with my current camera.

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