If you decide to have a forum on your website there are lots of choices for forum software like PhpBB,  SMF,  Invision Power Board, and many others some of which are free or possibly included in your hosting package.  Do yourself a favor and forget all the free applications and download Vbulletin. Vbulletin is hands down the best forum software available. It’s not free , but it is the best.

One of the best plugins available for Vbulletin is VBSEO.  VBSEO is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin for the Vbulletin forum software.  The VBSEO software has over 200 features and configuration options.  Some of the basic features are:

–   Creates Static URLs   myforum.com/example

–   Custome Rewrite rules

–   Converts archive into a perfect Google sitemap

–   Easy Backup, Restore, and Sharing Feature

If you are interested in learning about all the features, or using the demo feature check out the VBSEO website for a complete list of features and options.

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