The Baby Moon

Baby Moon

My wife and I are expecting a baby boy in October, and my wife kept dropping hints about going on a “Baby Moon”. It would be our last chance to spend time alone 😉 and that whole song and dance. I was getting a little burned out on poker, and could always use a vacaction. I’ve been playing poker professionaly for almost 6 years now and the truth is I can’t see myself doing much else. It can be pretty rewarding, both financially, and personally. You have a huge amount of independence and freedom that jobs and owning your own business don’t afford you. BUT, as great as poker is, its tough to stay motivated some time.

Anyhow, my mom has a timeshare which is good at several different location around the U.S. and Mexico.

The condo at Lake Tahoe has been booked solid for the summer for months, but we got lucky and their was a cancellation so we were able to reserve a room for three days starting on the 8th of August. It should be a lot of fun, I’ve heard lots of great things about Lake Tahoe, but never been there.

Be back on Thursday,

Today’s Poker Lesson: Keep your wife/husband or significant other happy. The ups and downs of Poker are tough on them also. If your relationship is good and your significant other is happy, it will make your job as a poker player much easier.

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