If everday was like today, I’d be a Millionaire

Now thats how online poker is supposed to be, seemed like everything went right tonight. Played good, ran good, not many bad beats, lots of bad players giving their money away. Only played about 3 hours and won 3k. If only poker was that easy.

Today’s Poker Lesson: I generally don’t advocate a “hit and run” strategy. I subscribe to the strategy that if the game is good for you, you should continue to play as long as you still have an edge. Having said that, a nice hit and run is great for the psyche. I like to hit and run occasionally usually under the following cirumstances: If I’ve played a lot in the previous couple of days and just sat down and won a nice amount of money in a short time, If I’ve just had a couple losing sessions in a row ( the mental value of booking a win is important). If I’m playing Omaha while waiting to get into a hold’em game at the Bellagio and happen to win a couple hoggers ( you want to see a group of players get hot and steam, just visit the regulars in the omaha game at the Bellagio, you would be hard pressed to find a bigger group of snivelers, whiners, and complainers anywhere on the face of the planet than the group of regular Omaha players at the Bellagio.)

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