Poker & Life

There’s more to poker than life, I guess I meant to say there’s more to life than poker. I generally don’t play more than about 4 days a week, any more than that would seem like a real job. Occasionally, I will play more when the games are especially good, or I’m on a Red Hot winning streak, but I’ve found that 3-4 days a week is plenty of poker for me. I have friends (yes, I’m talking about you Canadian Mike) that literally play everday, and if they aren’t playing in the casino, they are playing online.

Today’s Poker Lesson for Professional Players: If you play poker for a living, don’t forget to live your life. If you play more often than you should, it will lead to burnout and will probably burn your money up as well. I’ve found that by staying well rested, relaxed, enjoying life, my earn in the game actually goes up significantly.

Today’s Poker Lesson for Recreational Players: Don’t let poker overwhelm you, play to have fun and hopefully win some money, but if you lose, don’t lose more than you can afford. If poker is no longer fun, take a break from the game.

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