Everyone Want’s to be a Millionaire

It’s about halfway through the World Series of Poker and Vegas is still jamming. In the previous years, if you wanted to make any money playing poker, you had two play in the first two weeks because the easy money dried up. Now, there seems to be a never ending path of future “MoneyMakers” (pun intended). Needless to say the action hasn’t slowed down much.

A couple of nights ago there was a $2000-$4000 limit hold’em game going and the average age must have been about 30 or so. Almost none of the Regular Sky high players. The players on this particular night were the “young superstars of poker” :). Aaron Katz, Joe Cassidy, David Oppenheim, a couple of others, and the old guys were Freddy Deeb and Lee Salem.

Today’s Poker Lesson: Never lose perspective of the money your are playing for. The money is real, regardless if you’ve won it or earned it in a job. I overheard one of the young guns that I mentioned in the 2k-4k game above talking to one of his friends at the cage. His friend was asking him how he did. He said “I lost, no biggy it was only 79k”. Yeah it was only a Mercedes convertible, no biggy??? By the way, it is worth mentioning this same nameless person was broke two years ago.

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