Scuba Diving & Real Estate In Roatan

Roatan North Shore

I’ve been talking about it for 3 years, but finally did it. I went to Roatan to check out the Real Estate Market and look for vacation property. I have heard a lot of great things about the island of Roatan, which is in Bay Islands of Honduras and I wanted to see if the island was as great as I heard. The short answer is yes 🙂

Roatan has several direct flights from the US.  Continental has direct flights from Houston (about 2.5 hrs), Delta from Atlanta (about 2.5 hrs), and American from Miami (about 1.5 hrs), making Roatan a very quick and convenient destination.  Roatan is also home of world class scuba diving and fishing. There are numerous dive shops in west end, but I did a little research before I went and had a good dive shop picked out before I arrived.  I chose Coconut Tree Divers due to their highly qualified and trained instructors because I wanted to take some advanced scuba diving courses to further my scuba education. I ended up taking the Emergency First Responder course, and the Rescue course.  Basically everything you need to know to rescue and administer first aid & CPR for scuba related injuries. It’s one of the best classes I’ve ever taken, and hopefully will never need to use it.

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