Tony G Shows No Class

[youtube DQVSh2ia_3s nolink]

This video has been out for sometime, so I’m not sure exactly how I missed it, but I happened to stumble upon it a few days ago while surfing YouTube. 

The first time I watched this video, I was embarrased.  Not for myself, but for Tony G.  What an asshole.  A year or so ago, I had breakfast with Tony G in the VIP lounge of the Crowne Plaza at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles and he seemed like a normal enough guy.  Tony G is also the owner of several very high profile poker sites. It’s hard for me to imagine someone acting like this on TV, not to mention the fact that he is in the Poker Business.

Watch the video and leave a comment with your opinion.  I know Ralph Perry and I’m hoping to get a video with his response posted to the blog shortly.[poll=2]

1 thought on “Tony G Shows No Class”

  1. Tony G is not an asshole, he is a great poker player who has alot of heart and commitment to the game. Yeah ok he can talk but he certainly has the play to back it up. The fact that he got Ralph Perry to call for all his chips with KJ is stuff of legend, what hand can he beat K10 lol Tony G just rubs it in. its good entertainment and good poker. I bet Ralph Perry has looked back at it and laughed himself.

    “Tony G, No guts no glory!”

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