It was supposed to be a day off

I started off the evening with no intentions of playing online, I played quite a bit over the weekend and was just going to do some surfing, mostly still doing research for my website about how to Promote Poker by signing up for Poker Affiliate Programs .The web site is improving all the time, but still needs some more content. I was just playing with some different ideas in frontpage, finally came to the realization that it would be much more productive for me to pay somebody for a killer design. I may have went a little crazy with my ideas that I sent to a couple web design companies. It was an 11 page document and they sent me an 11 page price 🙂 $4700. I might have to scale back some of my ambitions.

Anyhow, I was surfing, decided to jump on PartyPoker and just check and see how the games were (Silly me, the games are always good). I usually play 2 or 3 20-40 Limit Hold’em games at the same time and it didn’t take long to look down and be stuck 1200. There is definitely no shortage of gamble in these games. It seems the higher you play, the worse the opponents play.

After an hour or so, I was back to even, but I had been watching a 50-100 game that was crazy, 2 or 3 guys going ballistic every hand. I hadn’t played the new 50-100 game before, but it looked like a great time to check it out. I normally play pretty loose, it fits my style, I like to see a lot of flops and push all the small edges. This was not the game to see a lot of flops in, it was 200 to go every hand. Played for a short while and won a couple small pots to stay a few hundred ahead. Never made a decent hand to play when the fish were going crazy.

Oh well, thats poker. Sometimes Lobster, Sometimes Steak.

Today’s Poker Lesson: If you’ve planned on taking the day off, do just that! Don’t log in to your favorite online poker site “just to check on the games”, or drop by your favorite cardroom to take a peek or have some dinner 🙂 Just take the day off and enjoy your life away from poker.

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