The Opposite of August 13th’s Post

I got completely tortured tonight, I lost a small used car. No not really, but I did lose enough to buy one. Basically lost back all the money I won a couple nights ago. Needless to say, I wasn’t to happy with myself 🙁

I won’t bore you with the details and the numerous suckouts performed. Lets just say it was one hell of a performance.

Normally, I’m not an advocate of a stop-loss, stop-win type of strategy, but tonight I wish I would have set a stop-loss, it would have been much less painfull. I will write more about my thoughts on stop-losses in a future post.

Right now, I have a date with Captain Morgan

Today’s Poker Lesson: Sometimes it’s just not your day, don’t throw good money after bad, even if your are “just running bad”. Chances are you’ve also made some “bad plays” in combination with the miraculous suckouts performed by your opponents.

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